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Who Is Kelly On TikTok?: All You Need To Know About Bhadie Kelly



Who Is Kelly On TikTok?: All You Need To Know About Bhadie Kelly

Who Is Kelly On TikTok – let’s discuss about the full biography of Kelly, profile, real name, Nationality, education, occupation, age, marital status, family and net worth, here is all you need to know about Kelly Tiktok who has set social media on fire over her viral trending videos.

Welcome to Global News Nigeria as we bring to you all you need to know about a Togolese veteran dancer, Kelly Bhadie who came to a limelight after a video spotted her dancing on TikTok went viral three days ago while dressed in a light brown and multicolored gown.


In this article we shall discus about full Biography, Profile and Background of a Bhadie Kelly also known as Kelly Tiktok.

Let’s talk about her Full Biography, Age, Date Of Birth, State Of Origin, Nationality, Net Worth, Father, Mother, Siblings, Children, Country, Titktok Videos, Trending Videos, Dance, Boyfriend, Parents, Family, Cars, House, Hometown, History, Wikipedia, Bio, Education, Qualifications, Real Name, Occupation, Full Name and lots more below.


Who Is Kelly Tiktok?

Bhadie Kelly is popularly known as Kelly Tiktok and she is a Togolese dance, music enthusiast she specializes in dancing with an amazing step like moving her nice body shape and she live in the United States. Her real name is Kelly Bhadie.

Kelly Tiktok Biography

Bhadie Kelly is a Togolese veteran Tiktok celebrity and social media influencer. Kelly is in her early twenties. She went viral on TikTok after posting a video of her twisting, shaking, and whimpering waist, as well as bouncing body.


Kelly Tiktok Wikipedia Profile

Real Name:Bhadie Kelly
NicknameKelly Tiktok
Date Of Birth:1990s
Living In:U.S
Family Undisclosed
Occupation:Dancer, Influencer
Net Worth:Millionaire
Marital Status:single
Education Undisclosed

Kelly Bhadie Nationality

Where is Kelly Tiktok From? Bhadie is from Togo, her Nationality is Togolese but she currently lives in the U.S (United State of America).

Kelly Bhadie Age

Kelly Tiktok is currently in her twenties born in the nineties, in Togo. Meanwhile Kelly have’nt revealed her age to the public yet, but we promise to update you guys when ever she do so.

Kelly Tiktok Biography And Net Worth, Trending Video, Country, Videos, Nationality, Age, Real Name

Kelly Tiktok Parent – Father – Mother

Kelly’s parents are from Togo, both her mother and father are all from the same country, Meanwhile Kelly have’nt revealed anything about her parents to thee public yet, she kept it private

Kelly Tiktok Boyfriend

Kelly actually have a boyfriend but she keeps him in private, but we promise to update you guys when ever she revealed who is her boyfriend.

Bhadie Kelly Career

What Make Kelly Tiktok Famous? Kelly Bhadie’s twerking is what makes her to be famous. Although the New Orleans “bounce” music genre popularized twerking in the early 1990s, Kelly Bhadie’s twerking is the new sckool.


On May 23, she shared a video of herself dancing in a room with Nike shoes in the backdrop to an instrumental remix of Mac Miller’s song J’s on My Feet, produced by Mike Will Made It. The video has gone viral on every major social media site in the world.

Kelly’s most viewed video to date is the second video of her setting men on fire, which has 4.8 million views. The dancer, who first downloaded TikTok in November 2021, previously posted a video with 2 million views in which she was dressed in a black shirt revealing her belly button, wearing waist beads, and bouncing and bending low.

A group of boys on the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok has crowned Kelly Bhadie Miss TikTok of 2022. Within a few days of her twerking videos getting popular, her TikTok follower count grew by two.

Global News Nigeria learnt that a lady who claimed to be Kelly’s bestie, Kelly is merely going on a cruise with everyone on TikTok. Kelly, who is from West Africa, said in one of her films that a man would explode if she touched him.

Kelly social media accounts

Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, many people have impersonated Kelly Bhadie. Her only other accounts, in addition to @Bhadie.kellyy, are @pyt.kellyy and @slayy.kellyy, according to her initial TikTok account.

Kelly Tiktok Pictures

Who Is Kelly On TikTok?: All You Need To Know About Bhadie Kelly

Kelly Tiktok Biography And Net Worth, Trending Video, Country, Videos, Nationality, Age, Real Name

Why Is Kelly TikTok Trending

Kelly Bhadie get to the limelight after a video of her spotted dancing went viral on tiktok and some other social media platforms on a dressed in a light brown and multicolored gown, Kelly became more famous and well know dues to her viral trends.

After so many Nigerian men praised her on her attractiveness and nice status, her tiktok followers grew from 500k to 700k+ immediately.

Kelly Tiktok Net Worth

Kelly is actually a millionaire, but her net worth real estimate as for now is not disclose due to some reasons, but we would update you guys as soon we get her real net worth.


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