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Watch Viral Video Of Prison Inmate Caught In The Act



Watch Viral Video Of Inmate Prison Caught In The Act

Last year a video of a prison warden and an inmate engaging in a serious intimacy which went viral on social media. In the video, the two could clearly be seen, they are exposing themselves and also not hiding their identities.

It was later reported that the warden was discharged from her duties, however, no reports were heard on what happened to the prison inmate.

Rumors also suggested that the lady, who is married and has her family may have committed suicide, but this was later disputed by her family, claiming that she was still alive and trying to get over the embarrassing scandal.

Well months later, another video has hit the internet again, this time from a different prison.

It is not clear where this video was taken or how these inmates are allowed to have cellphones and internet in jail.

In this video, a male warden is seen transformed into a lady and is twerking for the person filming him do the dance.

Share your thoughts, do you think prisoners should be allowed to have cellphones in jail or should they be punished more if found out?

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