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Viral video of Tik Tok user drinking Dettol while performing Alcohol challenge



Viral video of Tik Tok user drinking Dettol while performing Alcohol challenge

A yet to be identify young lady video goes viral on TikTok after spotted drinking Dettol during “Alcohol challenge” which has elicited so many reactions on how people are pouring different kinds of substances on their body all in the name of the challenge.

The challenge started on Tiktok, it was formed from Joeboy’s new song titled “Alcohol” the verse that sings “That’s why I sip my alcohol, I don’t want to reason bad things no more, I don’t want to go back to where I dey before”

However, a lot of people have participated in the challenge using alcoholic drinks, while some has taken the challenge to another level by pouring other substances like foodstuffs, detergents, cosmetics, oil and so many other things on their body.

There’s one particular video of a girl who used a bottle of Dettol while participating in the challenge. The video has got a lot of reactions on social media after she was seen drinking from the Dettol bottle while doing the challenge.

Shortly after the video went viral, another video of the same girl came out where she was seen in a disagreeable situation. She was seen vomiting which got people scared and they started pouring water on her to help her recover from the condition.

A lot of people have been interested to know what later happened to the girl after she was seen in a disagreeable state. However, news has been published that she’s fine and healthy. She only faked it by drinking from the Dettol bottle which was not actually a Dettol and later faked unconscious. In other words, here is one lesson everyone should learn from the whole drama.

Before joining any form of challenge on social media, know exactly what the challenge is all about, don’t just start participating because you see other people are joining. Imagine if someone had followed the same step of using any other harmful substance just because he or she has already seen someone using a Dettol bottle to make the challenge more trendy. Not all you see on social media are real, a lot of people are on social media for different purposes, so it’s better you stay positive and not take social media activities too seriously.

And also, parents should be mindful of the type of trending videos their kids watch online to avoid them practicing bad drama at home in form of a challenge.


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