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Viral video of a nurse caught playing with herself



Viral video of a nurse caught playing with herself

A viral video of a nurse doing it by herself while seated on a chair has surfaced on the internet.

The nurse’s name and the facility where she works have not yet been made public, but sources who shared the video first confirmed she is a legal nursing practitioner.

It is unclear why she decided to record herself doing such a heinous act, but many believe she was motivated by the thrill of playing the video back when she was alone.


In one of the viral videos, a group of SHS girls were seen twerking and performing some act instead of praying to God to help them pass their exams.

These SHS students have been given a golden opportunity to attend high school for free, but instead of thanking the hand that fed them and provided them with such an opportunity, they are twerking merely because they have graduated from high school



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