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Vengeance is coming for leaders who want to destroy Nigeria – Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka Reacts Nnamdi Kanu Arrest



"Supreme Court Ruling Has Vindicated Me As A Mouthpiece Of God" - Father Mbaka

Fiery Catholic priest and founder of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria, Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka, has speak that vengeance is coming to the leaders that are not ready to utilize our resources

The cleric did not mention any Governor or directly mention Kanu throughout the message, during his popular Wednesday weekly ministration titled: ‘E no dey again.

However, it was very obvious he was making reference to the IPOB leader and his latest travails as well as Southeast Governors.

Mbaka jolted the congregation when he alleged Governors had lured the IPOB leader into the hands of his traducers.

He chided the unnamed Governors over their role in Kanu’s arrest and current travails, describing such action as selfish.

While blessing inmates and correctional centres across the country, Mbaka said: “Don’t sell your sons and daughters because of political promise that you are not even sure will materialise tomorrow.

“Don’t sell your son because you are governors today! Live and let live.

“Let the leaders listen. The solution is not in arrest and handcuff, the solution is in job creation!

“Leaders beware! Their(leaders’) stubbornness will collapse this country one day. If care is not taken, it will happen like an earthquake!

“Even if you arrest 100 people, it will not stop the agitation. If anything, it will worsen the situation,” he warned.

While cautioning those celebrating Kanu’s arrest, Mbaka said it was just a matter of time and everyone, including clerics would feel the heat if care was not taken.

He said: “Many people are clapping for them now. But when the heat becomes unbearable when the sun riots, when heavens shake you will understand.

“When they killed Jesus Christ and put him in the prison-grave – Jesus’ prison was in the grave – they thought it was all over for Him, that the end had come.

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“Whoever that you have in heart now that is in the prison, may the Lord be with that person. May the Lord show such persons mercy. May they receive favour; favour for my people.

“May the Lord show him favour, even from the prison warders that would be protecting him”.

Mbaka also flayed the Federal Government for worsening poverty, hunger and insecurity.

He charged the present administrations and leaders at all levels to act fast and address the country’s woes before it was too late.

“Our suffering in Nigeria is unnecessary. There is no reason, apart from wickedness, why people should suffer in this country.

“I remember when we were growing up. You would hardly hear that people stole. Politics was not about amassing wealth at that time. But today, kidnapping has become a multi-billion business. And if you come to the Southeast, the zone has become the hub of hardship.

“If our leaders do not find a way to put Nigeria in a good platform, one day, this country will collapse!

“If they do not do what they should do, they do not provide jobs but rather continue to amass wealth and millions of Nigerian youths keep watching them.

“Time shall come when what we are experiencing today would appear like mere biscuit.

“Our leaders are not ready to utilize our resources well but it cannot continue like this. Vengeance is coming,” he said.


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