Update: UN, US, EU Invite Nnamdi Kanu To Redefine Biafra Manifesto Before The Super Power

US President Donald Trumphe, EU, and the UN counterpart while going through the Biafra documentation sent an invitation to the leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to address the superpower in the US before their next meeting.

The recent killings and happenings in Africa involving The Igbos will no longer be tolerated the super Power bodies want the Ipob Leader to give us all necessary information so as to know how to lead the crusade of separation.

According to the News Trust Nigeria gathers this in news at a peak where Kanu calls on all the Igbos to remain calm and be steadfast and resolute in their struggle for Independent. He said the enemy of Biafra is trying to cause provocation so as to name the IPOB members a terrorist Group. We are not going to rest on our oars, Biafra shall come to stay.

He stresses further that our people had been technically dealt with here and there, the so-called xenophobia in South Africa many of members are killed and slaughtered. in Nigeria, the recent tanker explosions on two occasion are programmed to wipe away the majority of our people yet you don’t want us to go. Give us Biafra remember Aburi we stand in Ghana for so many years.

We are ready to address the United Nation about our agitation for independent of Biafra.



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