Update: IPOB denied killing and burning of two policemen

IPOB denied killing and burning the two policemen and claimed the burnt bodies inside the police van were those of their members killed and burnt by the police. They also said Otu eke masquerade group killed the policemen and not IPOB

They wrote;

The Police in Anambra released a press statement accusing Bar Ifeanyi Ejiofor of abduction in collaboration with IPOB members, possession of firearms and destroying of properties in Oraifite. In their statement they said they were informed and on their arrival members of IPOB attacked them with guns and Cutlasses and killed 2 policemen and burnt their patrol van. But the fact remains that this their claims is fallacy and lie. The two men in the police van were IPOB members who they tried to abduct. And they were shooting sporadically and the Vehicle gut fire and roasted 2 IPOB members in that Vehicle, whom the have tied hands so they were unable to escape.Assualt on Bar Ifeanyi Ejiofor did not start yesterday, few months back he was denied access to an event in Nnewi, which the DSS said it’s order frm above.

Before this attack, the police have been indicted in so many occasions, they open fire on unarmed civilians and release frivolous press statement to cover their evil. It’s on record that IPOB is an unarmed movement fighting for the restoration of Biafra. It’s also on record that the police are the ones who have IPOB members in their meeting places across many states in Biafra land claiming they have been proscribed and have no right for any form of peaceful assembly. On that basis is why they attack Bar Ifeanyi Ejiofor’s Home, who just buried his elder brother on 27/11/2019. Many IPOB members showed solidarity with him and his family because he is the legal counsel of the organization and the legal counsel to the leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. We hope the US Embassy Abuja, UK, and Amnesty Nigeria are following.

All what the people of Biafra is demanding from Nigerian president,the United Nations, Donald Trump and any other people that cares is just a Referendum just like Ethiopia granted Sidama but ours is for Independence. But in the zoological dictionary it sounds like war, that’s why they are after anyone who identify his/herself as an Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) but any sane person can interpret the meaning of IPOB and will see why their proscription is baseless. You can’t proscribed a race, the best way to do that is the grant them Independence #FreeBiafra

Another Report from an reputable media outfit the family writers international have their own version. Blaize FM Oraifite have another version and all this version vindicates IPOB. To prove who the actual terrorist are, yesterday police shot dead a trailer driver in Abuja. They don’t protect lives


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