Twitter users react as Defunke pens open letter to Olamide, asking who’s Fatima, Sarah and Mary

Twitter users react as Defunke pens open letter to Olamide, asking who's Fatima, Sarah and Mary

Social media is on fire as Defunke penned an open letter to her fiance Olamide, after been accused of cheating, Defunke now asking him who is Fatima, Mary and Sarah.

Olamide accused his bride-to-be, (fiancee) Defunke as being unfaithful to him as both partners are about to wed, in fact they have went to registry in preparation for their wedding before the terrible incident occur

According to Defunke, “Since direct communication with each other has become an abomination, here’s an open letter to you, Olamide”

I’m sorry.
Deeply sorry that i put you through all of this.
Deeply sorry that i still TALKED to guys i had a past with.
I’m so sorry.
I can’t even make up any excuse for it.

“While i’m not disregarding flirty conversations as cheating; you should have mentioned that physical meetings with these people were in the PAST and these conversations were before registry.
And well, i can say for sure that there was no intention to meet anymore.”

“You also forgot to tell the TL that Thursday happened with Fatima and that there was Sarah and Mary very recently too 😊
And that there have been many others like that.
Or are you allowed to cheat but i’m not allowed to flirt.
Oops, i forgot, it’s a man’s world 🙊”

“Thank you for all that you did.
For all that you were;
And all that you planned for us.
And i’m sorry those beautiful plans we had for each other had to end like this.
I’m deeply sorry!

I thought i owed this to you on the TL, since it’s our means of communication.
BTW, When you’re calm enough, please send me details of the filing and let’s finalize it.
Have a good life, my dear”

Twitter users have allegedly reacted to the incident

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