Toyin Afolayan reacts after a fan called her the CEO and founder of Soro Soke Werey

Toyin Afolayan reacts after a fan called her the CEO and founder of Soro Soke Werey

Veteran Yourba actress Toyin Afolayan simply known as Lola Idije has reacted to her instagram fan who called her the CEO and founder of Soro Soke Werey.

Soro Soke Werey and Werey dey disguise has become trending slang on social media both instagram, Facebook and twitter and is being used day by day.

Lola Idije used “Soro Soke Werey” in a movie after which she find out that her daughter got pregnant and wanted to know the person that is responsible for her pregnancy, she actually said that “Soro Soke Werey Ta lo Fun o loyun” that how everyone started using it as a slang

What is the origin of this phrase?

Soro Soke Werey‘ is Yoruba. In English it literally means, ‘Speak up, mad person.’ But colloquially, it could mean, ‘Speak up, dullard’ The statement is usually said in anger or to connote condescension or impatience in the heat of sensitive conversation. However, it could also connote humour and sarcasm.

Across the Nigerian zeitgeist, ‘Were’ which is Yoruba for mad person has been stylized as ‘Werey’ on social media. But these days, it is used amongst friends and strangers as a term of endearment, means of lighthearted abuse or form of humour.

While ‘Soro Soke Werey’ gets steadily and unconsciously used by the average Yoruba-speaking person and it’s not exactly special, it became a viral social media sensation via football banter on Twitter Nigeria – between fans of rival clubs.

  1. Yoruba people say ‘Soro Soke Werey’ all the time, it’s not exactly something special.
  2. Afolayan is known for her dramatic persona and ‘razor-lips’ in movies. She has said ‘Soro Soke Werey’ in more than one movie, while addressing sensitive scenarios. Thus, it will be hard to pinpoint the first time she actually said it. That said, one of those scenes might be more popular than others.
  3. Except some of the earliest users of the ‘Soro Soke Werey’ admit that they got it from a particular Toyin Afolayan movie scene, then we must all realize that the phrase isn’t exactly inspired by her and that it’s just a Yoruba colloquialism that happens to resonate with football banter on Twitter Nigeria, thereby gaining credence with people.

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