TikTok, social media users react to the viral video of TikTok suicide

TikTok and social media users have allegedly reacted to the viral video of a man (Ronnie McNutt) committed suicide on TikTok video (TikTok suicide) on Sunday

Video clips have been circulating on TikTok since Sunday night that appear to show a man identified as Ronnie McNutt dying by suicide which causes a lot of mixed reactions on social media.

TikTok is struggling to scrub its platform of video clips appearing to show a man dying by suicide.

Clips from the video in question have been circulating on TikTok since Sunday night, after the video first appeared in a livestream on Facebook, TikTok said in a statement.

A female user report the video of man in the TikTok suicide but reply to the reported content wasn’t good enough from TikTok.

We found that the reported content doesn’t violate our Community Guidelines. We understand that you many not want to see this type of content, and you have the option to block the account that posted it.” 

Social media users reaction gathered by the Global News Nigeria on twitter.

can we please stop posting real life suicide videos, I’ve been trying not to throw up for the past 5 minutes because I watched a guy shoot himself in the face on tiktok, no warnings, it looked like a normal fucking video.”

“there is a video going around which contains a man shooting himself with a shotgun on tiktok live. It’s spreading here on stan twitter and also on instagram, please be careful!”

“Everyone, there is a video going around of a man committing suicide!! I would suggest deleting tiktok to avoid seeing this!! people have gained ptsd and the fear of blood from this video and it is serious!!!”

“i was on tiktok watching a fancam and it cut to the video of ronnie mcnutt k!ll!ng himself
please be safe with what you watch”

“this video is going around multiple apps, mainly twt and tiktok. if you see it please scroll or exit the app as fast as you can. i’ve seen it. please turn your autoplay off if you could be easily triggered.”

“What the actual fuck is wrong with this world. Excuse my language but someone on TikTok posted a video of a guy committing suicide. They shot themselves in the head and his body just lay there. How disgusting can you be to show that footage, you’ve just traumatized so many people”

“Okay guys, there has been that video going around of a man basically shooting himself in the head with a shotgun.

Sorry for the tiktok screenshot, Twitter is an ass & I couldn’t save a better ver of the first frame of the video.”

“please retweet and share this with your friends, etc. people need to be aware of what’s going on. there was this man with a beard who shot himself on a live on tiktok i believe, and the video is going around all over tiktok, and other + “

“So apparently a gore video has been trending on tiktok and other social medias. If you see the frame visible in this image, do not watch. It is a graphic video of someone committing suicide. Please do not view it.”

“oomfs, there has been a video circulating around facebook and tiktok especially of a man taking his own life on a live stream. If the video starts with this man please scroll past it. please stay safe”

“if you see this video that is going around on tiktok PLEASE do not watch it. at one point in this video he shoots himself in the head and his head literally explodes. PLEASE don’t watch it and be careful. it happens VERY fast so if you see it”

“There’s a video going around on tiktok (and here) of a man, Ronnie Mcnutt, committing suicide on a live stream. It’svery graphic and really traumatizing. This is what it starts off as, please scroll past it. Please don’t look for it. I hope his family is doing well:”

“So hey @tiktok_us can you explain how a video of a REAL SUICIDE, of this man LITERALLY blowing his brains out during his live stream, does NOT violate your community guidelines?? How disgusting!!”

“tw gore , death , blood , suicide

hey oomfs so this vid is going around on tiktok and idk if like it might get here on twt but basically it’s of this guy and it just shows him sh00ting himself and just please be careful. The beginning of the vid looks like this.”

“There is a video going around of a man, Ronnie Mcnutt, shooting himself with a shotgun to the head on a facebook live. People are spreading it all over social media. I saw it on TikTok not knowing PLEASE be careful!!!!!”

“A video of a man committing suicide with a gun is currently trending on TikTok. The platform has removed several versions of it but sick people keep re uploading surprise cuts of it as a troll”

tw // mention of suicide , gore

“if you see this guy on your fyp on tiktok PLEASE SCROLL PAST IT!! its a vid of a guy killing himself with a shotgun in the head,, it’s VERY graphic so PLS DO NOT WATCH IT !! please stay safe”

“I hate theres a trend on tiktok where everyone’s reposting a guys suicide video and being like “haha don’t watch it!! It super traumatized meeee, but if you wanna watch it I just posted it on my acc ;)”

“ronnie mcnutt shot himself while he was doing a livestream on facebook and there are ppl on tiktok, as well on twt who are posting the video everywhere, this is how the video starts, please be careful, according to ppl who have seen it, its too graphic”

“My friend Ronnie McNutt committed suicide via hunting rifle on a FB livestream in front of myself and 200 others. The video is now making its rounds on @tiktok_us.

If you see a video of a bearded man at a desk on TikTok, CLICK AWAY AND REPORT IT.”

“i’m sure you’ve all heard of the video going around on tiktok right now and if you haven’t: it’s a very graphic clip of a man shooting himself in the head. here’s a little thread on what to do if you come across this video or see it on your fyp:”

“ALERT to parents or users of social media: if you come across a video with this image, do NOT watch it. It’s a man who dies by suicide on a livestream. It might pop up on FB, Twitter, Tiktok etc and you may not have a lot of time to act to avoid yourself or a young one seeing”


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