Tiger Woods Speaks on his Goals and Ambition, is to keep playing

Tiger Woods speaks on his goals and ambition is to keep playing, and go up to become one of the most most successful and iconic athletes the x-rays came and went and then came again he was famous and then he was in nothing ever printed.

I never have liked it there are friends of mine who are multi-millionaire son ever successful and have these homes and make Billings a dollars and no one has a single clue when they’re okay so that’s different as a all the TV a lot and the perfect going to sleep away, my phone is now writing a you injury again gymnastics Psalm enjoy yourself what this now seems to be more than just an! Call 20/20 could.

Can you chapter of dominance make an a special where everybody’s interested now and you couldn’t write a better story by the metal side of it for him to go through all this and the surgeries Damon barely walking not sure what if he’s going to be at the swing a club again, at all to where we are now gosh his mental focus is mental drive as mental game has to be in the right spot went to lend a to ringside safest 36 name is still there has mind.

My is to keep playing the game and now you watch him plot his way around the so you’re paying in game is this song for me Panera to in the media for you sorry was going to wait another week enjoy I’m enjoying this opportunity again because call madhu how long time do quit reminder call it a day good career would be in understatement would be stinking.



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