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Thomas Tuchel reveals why he love to be playing Hakim Ziyech in Chelsea’s starting XI



Hakim Ziyech promise tough revenge against Man United on Sunday

Moroccan international and former Ajax star Hakim Ziyech has been spotted to be the key players in Chelsea team and Thomas Tuchel is happy with his performance after returning from injury.

I think Hakim will be vital to us, as he has a different creative skill set than anyone else at the club. In the short and longer term we will need his type of imagination if we are going to win trophies, so his recent two goals in two games couldn’t have come at a better time.

For Hakim, maybe this Premier League mini break isn’t happening at the right moment and there is an argument it isn’t happening at the perfect time for Chelsea generally. The team is on a roll right now and it also will give one or two other players at other teams a chance of a little breather too. I am not sure about that argument. Most of our real rivals are packed full of international players just like we are, they might not get any bigger lift than us.

I suspect our players are fine but I reckon it could be just what Tuchel needs more than anything else. It has been a whirlwind of a time at the club for him, and even though he has dealt with it brilliantly, surely there will be a benefit to having a little more time to think in the widest sense about what he has to do next.

He has had 14 games in 53 days, which is a game every three or four days without let up. That means a lot of time prepping and recovering and then planning again for the next match, which is always imminent. While doing that he has been planning, strategising and talking with specific players about their roles, to great effect. There are only 24 hours in every day and sleep is kind of important, so there is no chance he will have had the time to do every single thing he has wanted with the individual players.

This could be a real opportunity and considering the effect he has had on certain individuals already, when he gets some quality time with everyone, there could still be more benefits to accrue.

I reckon he has had a few ‘projects’ already and yes I suspected that Ziyech was going to be the next and that looks to have been the case. How about Billy Gilmour, can he be next on the list after Hakim? Actually, following Billy’s start against Sheffield United in the FA Cup, he has probably begun that work already. I admit to being very happy about that.


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