The Differences Between Romantic Love And Authentic Love You Need To Know

First let’s get what Romantic and Authentic love is all about. Romantic and Authentic love means different thing and as such doesn’t end the same way

Romantic Love: This is love that is based on feelings, outlook, passion, infatuation, gifts, beauty and lust.

Authentic Love: This is live that is base on service, kindness, patience, God’s word, divine direction and godly character.


1. Romantic love is selfish. Authentic love is selfless

2. Romantic love comes like whirlwind and disappears like a mirage. It develops like gas cooker and disappears like a shadow

Authentic love develops gradually and grows to become a mighty tree. It develops gradually and grow to become mighty ocean

3. Romantic love leads to easy passion and lust and ends in destruction

Authentic love comes out of godly direction that leads to distinction

4. Romantic love is blind as it based on feelings, passion, gifts and beauty

Authentic love is everlasting love

5. Romantic is base on what you can gain from it

Authentic love is real, true and not base on interest or gain

Valentine Day is everywhere all over the world but is it means that today is one day you show your loves ones kindness and appreciation

Show love to everyone around you is very important, don’t season your love


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