Tacha Blows Hot On Receptionist Who Invades Her Privacy In Her Hotel Room (Video)

Ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Tacha blows hot on a receptionist who invaded her privacy by barging into her hotel room without her permission and authorization. Tacha went live on Instagram to call out the receptionist.

Apparently, Tacha lodged in an executive suite in the hotel. She was all alone in the room when the receptionist of the hotel used the master key to gain access to her room.

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From her rant, the receptionist was trying to her curiosity as she wanted to see if the lady in the room was the famous Symplytacha.

The seemingly angry Tacha said;

This is a f*cking Suite, and you as a receptionist just gonna walk in here, open the door with your master key because my PA and bouncer was outside and f*cking come into my room. You don’t even know if I’m dressed or not. 

You just walked in to the room because you are being skeptical.”

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