Some Men Do Agreed That Dating Older Woman Is more Better Than Dating Young Ladies – Let’s Talk

Some Nigerian men do believed that is better to date older woman than the young ladies nowadays

According to the reports gathered from one of my previous post about dating older woman is dangerous and not safe for the the young men.

A young man commented that older woman is better in the sense that he play less and they are more matured than the young ladies and also they are faithful when it comes to relationships.

In other way round older man can date or marry young ladies which is not a crime, but let the truth be told most young guys dating older woman are just running away from there responsibilities

Most of the older women are using charm to get attracted by the young guys so that they can use their glory and destiny in exchange of money and material things for them.

I learnt that, young guys do date older woman because of greed and laziness which has cause many to lose their glory yet some still believed that dating older woman is better than dating the young ladies.

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