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Snapchat Down: Users can’t send or receive messages, calls as Snapchat suffer outage



Snapchat Down: Users can't send or receive messages, calls as Snapchat suffer outage

It looks like Snapchat is down for many users. It’s not been a great few weeks for social networks. First Facebook’s entire suite of apps go down, and now Snapchat.

Snapchat users are reporting issues with the social messaging service, with people finding they’ve been logged out and experiencing authentication errors when they try and get back into their accounts.


It doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident either. There has been a spike in Snapchat issues reported to Down Detector across the U.S. and U.K., and users have been taking to Twitter to express their frustration about being locked out of their accounts.

(Image credit: Down Detector)

The Snapchat Support account tweeted that they are aware of the issues, confirming that something is definitely happening. Hopefully someone can figure out the issue and sort everything out pretty quickly, and not be down for several hours like Facebook was.


The login issues don’t seem to be affecting everyone, however, since Tom’s Guide UK Editor in Chief Marc McLaren was able to access his account without issue. Similarly while I was initially locked out of my account, Snapchat pinged me with a notification to log back in.

This wasn’t just a poorly-timed prompt from the looks of things, since I was then able to successfully log back into my account. However it’s not clear whether service has been restored across the board, or just for a select few.

In the meantime people locked out of their Snapchat account have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations, or make fun of the situation.

A lot of people are concerned that they’ll be losing their streaks because Snapchat is currently down.

Hopefully the app will be back up soon, giving people plenty of time to keep up their streaks today. Otherwise Snapchat better step in and do something to protect the streaks lost thanks to this outage

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