Ruins girl slams a married man for refusing to pay for her services (photos)

Many men will continue to be disgraced, so long as they don’t respect their matrimonial bed. People have thrown the values of marriage away, most of the people who visit prostitutes, get married just to bear the title married and not because they genuinely want to be married to the person they’re with now.

Most people on this table, have no regards for their spouse be it males or females as cheating knows no gender. I sincerely don’t understand why anyone in his or her right minds, will prefer going after prostitutes as against their wives, it’s just simply a matter of insanity and such individuals need some help.

A trending video shows a man being disgraced in public by a supposed runs girl and all he kept saying to the lady and the passer-bye who have gathered was that, he is a married man and the lady replied him saying since you know you are a married man, why did you come to me then?

The man got angry and replied her saying she lacks home training, the lady respond with insults as she kept telling him that today, he must pay her, her money. They both went on cursing each other while the man kept telling anyone that cares to listen that he is a married man, one of the passer-bye who intervened, said to the man pay her and go your way

The man replied and said he’s a married and would not pay her anything, the man further inquiry to know what the transaction was between them but none of them could say exactly what the transaction they had was as they kept cursing each other in Yoruba language.

From their accents, one can undoubtedly tell they’re Yorubas. The married however tried to walk away but the lady wouldn’t take or allow him leave as she kept insisting that he must pay her for services rendered. At seeing the video, some people already gave their opinions and here’s a screenshots of all they said


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