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Roman Abramovich sends Thomas Tuchel serious warning as Chelsea fans allegedly react to Lukaku Inter’s return



Roman Abramovich sends Thomas Tuchel serious warning as Chelsea fans allegedly react to Lukaku Inter's return

Chelsea fans have reacted allegedly after their hitman Romelu Lukaku complain about Tuchel playing him with another system which made him unhappy with the club situation.

The Belgian international has confirmed that sooner or later he will return to Inter to made the fans happy.

The blues fans reacted to the claim that Lukaku is unhappy in Chelsea and set to move to his former Italian club.

Reactions from fans in twitter

Tuchel is missing a trick. Last thing you want to do is take a world class striker like Lukaku and not utilise his strengths properly.

Since lukaku was signed in we tremendously lose almost everygame ,He’s the striker but acts like something different,if you want to leave leave next year we up for signing new strikers .from management

If you’re a football lover you wouldn’t have blamed lukaku’s comment, only in Chelsea you will get injury news after each game. So terrible tuchel. Klup or Gardiola would play their best players even at 20% match fitness cos half of them is far away better than 100% other’s

Chelsea are currently on a good position in the table. We can’t expect to win every match. English Premier League is not easy. Every team is focused and determined.. We are in a new Era of football where you can not dominate the way it was in the 19th and 20th century

What garbage way english fans think yr league is so superior
Its not has 4 good sides at most an rest are very average
Also have more players than most teams
More money cus of being owned by states
Yet stil make excuses when dont win easier games

The @ChelseaFC team players don’t even shoot outside the 18 years box. How do you score? It’s a shame. Always crossing balls

There is nothing bad in what Lukaku said. We have freedom of speech and he is a grown up man. He has the right to say something. We need to play as a team. All our attackers should learn how to play with a striker. They are not playing with him. The coach needs to work on this.

The coach don’t need to work on that… It most be a command… When Messi was at barca all ball to Messi, same to Ronaldo… Same to lewandonski… But our attacker want to score first when we have striker to do that… Im angry with them ooo…

Agreed with General Luka. Mr.Tuchel is playing with a formation that can’t give results the best we can be proud of is a draw and excuses there afterwhen players like odoi,pulisic are physically fit but very poor decision makers in the pitch we can’t go anywhere with this …

Lukaku is a stiff striker can only play with his back to the goal as a striker, Italy was good for this, but in Premier league it just ain’t good enough except u playing for mid table teams.



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