Reasons Yoruba Don’t Pay Bride Price (Dowry)

Is it culture or a believes that Yoruba don’t normally collect bride pride (dowry) or collect and return it back to the groom family.

Even most people and other tribes find it difficult to understand the reasons Yoruba don’t pay bride price which is known as dowry.

The globalnewsng learnt that, Yoruba do believe that collecting bride price or dowry means that they have sold their daughter to the groom family. And no amount of money you paid that can equate the money spent on her upbringing, her education and other things.

According to the says that “Yoruba don’t collect bride pride for their daughter” we have give you free, but you must take good cares of her and all the monies you want to spend on bride price please kindly use it to take good cares of her.

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So they will return the pride price (dowry) as kind gesture to adopt the groom as a son, so they have become one family (bride family and Groom family) that’s the reason is an abomination in Yorubaland to marry in the same Bride or Groom families.

Dowry is normally around 10,000 in white envelope, apart from other gifts item like yams, fruits rice, etc. The only thing that will return back to the bride family is the bride price as a kind gesture, they normally give the money to the elder in the groom family, so the elder will now give the money back to the bride.

Yoruba believes more than a day wedding as such they think ahead that’s one of the reasons bride price wasn’t adopt in exchange of their daughters. As such they believes that taking good cares of their daughter is more important than the bride price.

Yoruba’s are lovely people and kind, paying bride price is not more important than giving their daughter life and to be happy.

Marriage is more important than wedding, wedding is just a day ceremony while marriage is a long time Union, seeing their daughter happy and with joy in their marriage is a goal not just collect bride price and leaves them suffer.



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