“So instead you forcefeed your entire userbase Reels, an offering no one asked for because they have Tiktok, and its network effect, and since Reels is built into Instagram you don’t have to discuss the exact kpi numbers and your churn and horrible retention isn’t as obvious.”
“You deserve everything you have coming. The censorship being perpetrated by Facebook/Instagram is appalling. You’re wanting to appeal to our patriotism while you meddle in elections and health information? Give me a break.”
“Facebook was already exposed numerous times for cooperation with the NSA, CIA and FBI for their OWN purposes, as well as being in collusion with Russian hackers in the 2016 election; wtf info is China going to do with WAP challenges and dubbed funny memes???”
“Remember folks, this isn’t really over anything more than Donald Trump is mad because he got shown as a fool by teenagers on the tiktok and it ruined his rally. Everything this man does related to him. Follow the clues. But once this door is opened, he can control forms of media”.
“Wait until he wins and shuts down all platforms to stop the protests. Then you might rue the days you had not been more vociferous in standing up against facism”
“Skeptical isn’t the word for it. FB becomes a right-wing propaganda tool, Instagram releases “Reels,” Zuck bows to Trump regularly, and now suddenly its biggest competition gets banned domestically. Very coincidental. If it walks and talks like a duck.