Raymond Dokpesi reveals what will happen to Nigeria if COVID-19 come out to be scam as discharged patients claimed

DAAR Communications owner Raymond Dokpesi has revealed what to Nigeria if Covid-19 come out be scams as claimed, the cases of Covid-19 continue to increase everyday, many have been tested for the virus by the agency in charge of handling the Corona Virus related cases NCDC.

The NCDC keeps releasing numbers of those newly infected, recovered and those who lost their lives to the virus.

However, a handful of those who recovered claimed that there is no Coronavirus in Nigeria or the actual figure out those infected are being inflated as a way of getting money from the government.

The founder of DAAR communications in addition to a lady from Delta State made this claim. According to Raymond Dokpesi,he was giving a malaria drug and even wondered what’s the connection between Covid-19 and Malaria.

Here are 2 things that might happen if Covid-19 turns out to be scam aa claimed.

1. There would be flouting of lockdown orders by the citizens since everyone in the country knows that there is no iota of truth in the existence of Corona Virus in Nigeria. People would have no option but to carry out their daily activities just like they used to before the pandemic arrived.

2. The number of Covid-19 victims may skyrocket.

Since Covid-19 is spread or contracted through contact,then the actual number of those truly with the disease will increase as a result of them flouting the lockdown order.

In which ever case,the only thing to do is to pray for Nigeria,because our major problems are the leaders we have.


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