Popular pastor caught panty down with church member (Video)

Yet another a popular pastor has been caught while panty down with his church member, the video has gone viral on the internet to be the trending of the week.

The Global News Nigeria learnt that many people that have gone through this story, have noticed that the woman is not to be blamed for her action. I think she made the best decision by caring out that plan with her husband because this will reduce the rate of misbehavior in our nation. Any other Pastor that want to try this, after he hears or read of this news I am very sure he will repent of his action. I will also like to applaud the husband of the lady, for having such a nice plan with his wife to expose the kingdom of darkness. I think the pastor fell for the Temptation. You know how attractive some Nigerian ladies can be.

I believe that those of us that have been blaming the Redeemed Christian Church of God and the lady will have a change of mind after reading this article. I pray God will continue to disgrace those wolves in sheep clothing’s in the church.

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