Police Recruitment 2020: What you need to know about the salary and ranks of police officers in Nigeria

A special website opened for the registration of interested police applicants in Nigeria for the year 2020 has started, and interested citizens can submit their applications from today

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) is the principal law enforcement agency for Nigeria. Its deployment is across the 36 states of the federation and also the Federal Capital Territory (FCT, Abuja). Its control and command is under the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Ranks in the Nigerian Police Force (Descending Order)

There are 15 ranks in the Nigerian Police Force, which are as follows;

Check out the salary structure bellow; 

Constable – N46,000- N47000

Corporal – N52,000-N53,000

Sergeant – N62,000-N63,000,

Unconfirmed inspector -1 bar – N78,000

Confirmed Inspector -2 bars – N123,000

One star – Assistant Superintendent of Police – N132,000-N134,000

Confirmed Assistant Superintendent of Police – N139,000

Deputy Superintendent of Police – N142,000-N143,000.

Apart from there salaries there are also good benefits they earn too. They also have a Health Insurance Scheme to cover sick Officers.

Here is the address of the site for those interested – www.policerecruitment.gov.ng.

The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has said it will recruite interested candidates into the force (rank of private) , which will allow the force to increase its police force as recommended by the United Nations to improve security.

The BBC hausa reported that required information are listed on the Nigerian Police Candidate Registration website, which the force says is a move that will bring stability and improve Nigeria’s international standing.

What should you know about the the Nigerian Police :

The Nigeria Police Force is the highest security that provides security and order in the country. They have their personnel in 36 states and the Abuja capital city.

The force is headed by the Inspector General of Police (IG) .

Salaries :

It is important to note that, while applying for the job of a police officer, the job is only for the one who is passionate about the job, as Abimboa Opeyemi, PPRO for the Ogun State Police said, as reported by the BBC hausa.

Here are the salaries of the Nigerian police:

  • Private – N46,000- N47000
  • Corporal- N52,000-N53,000
  • Sergeant – N62,000-N63,000,
  • 1 star – N78,000
  • Inspector 2 stars – N123,000
  • ASP Star 1 – N132,000-N134,000
  • ASP – N139,000
  • DSP – N142,000-N143,000.

Other allowances :

In addition to salaries, there are other things that a police officer can receive for his job. Some allowances are also paid to provide security.

The police were provided with accommodation in the states where they were deployed in Nigeria, and that those who did not have access to government housing were paid to pay rent elsewhere.

Health insurance is also provided to the police. Therefore, any officer who is ill can go to the hospital free of charge, as reported by the BBC Hausa.

Ranks :

Here are all the positions and ranks of the Nigerian Police:

  • Inspector General of Police – IG
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police – DIG
  • Assistant Inspector General of Police – AIG
  • Commissioner of Police – CP
  • Deputy Commissioner of Police – DCP
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police – ACP
  • Chief Superintendent of Police – CSP
  • Superintendent of Police – SP
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police – DSP
  • Assistant Superintendent of Police – ASP
  • Inspector of Police
  • Sergeant Major
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Lance Corporal
  • Private


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