Police arrested 25 teenagers for shooting p©rn movies (video)

25 teenagers (10 girls and 15 boys) have been arrested by the police for allegedly shooting p©rn©graphic videos in Kenya’s Kakamega County.

The teenagers who are reportedly in Form Two and Three, are between the ages of 13 and 17. Among the arrested suspects is the alleged mastermind identified simply as Caleb.

An eyewitness who is garbage collector, said he was attracted to the scene after he saw a polythene bag full of cond©ms. Upon closer inspection, he saw the teenagers having s£x and another person recording. He said he notified the police immediately.

The eyewitness said;

“I was doing my garbage collecting business, which is when I noticed something strange, there were so many condoms wrapped in a poly bag and I also heard some noise from the house.

“When I walked into the house, I got shocked, the girls were in the act and there was a man shooting.

“I went to tip the police and they immediately drove to the scene where the suspects are reported to have been having both raw s£x and protected s£x.”

OCPD of Kakamega Central David Kabena who confirmed the arrest, said;

“All these are minors and we found them during the act and arrested them. We will deal with the man (Caleb) for he is the one misleading them into this act.”



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