Pastor Poju Oyemade reacts allegedly to bishop Oyedepo statement on closure of churches nationwide

Pastor Poju Oyemade reacts allegedly to bishop Oyedepo statement on closure of churches nationwide

Pastor Poju Oyemade has reacted allegedly to bishop David Oyedepo’s statement over the closure of churches nationwide due to coronavirus pandemic that put all the nations globally on siege.

In what appears to be a paradigm shift in spiritual matters and a change in the perceptions so far held by some religious fanatics that their Pastors can say or do no wrong, Pastor Poju Oyemade of the Covenant Christian Center it appears set out this evening to counter opinions of two prominent and possible more ‘mature’ pastors.

In his reaction, Pastor Poju it could be seen sought to change the narrative contrary to what Bishop David Oyedepo of The Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel to change what appears to be the silent message that might have been sown in the minds of Christians around the nation.

And with this it appears the era of Pastors being seen as lpha and omega who are capable of doing or saying no wrong is finally coming to an end.

Bishop Oyedepo you would recall had backed another Pastor, Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy who had disagreed with the authorities for stating that churches should continue to be under lock and key even as the lockdown across three states of Lagos, Abuja and Ogun had been eased partially.

Oyedepo had said that the move was suspicious.

But Oyemade who countered him in a video on his Instagram page disagreed with him saying that the closure of churches should have nothing to do with the move of God, stating that God does not need to have a congregation in a particular place before he can move and have his way.

He Making reference to the Bible, he said: “The sick healed in the book of Acts were healed on the streets, in people’s homes, in public places and not within the four walls of a Church.”

He continued adding that: “Closing the doors of a physical building does not in any way mean the closure of the anointing of the Spirit from working.

“Church buildings may be shut down but true faith and the anointing of the Spirit has not stopped working.

“There is a difference between expression of emotions and the manifestation of the anointing to heal the sick.

“There is nowhere in Jesus’s ministry where the healing of the sick was preceded by a congregational service.

“In the Book of Acts, the sick were healed predominantly on the streets with no fanciful service going on.

“Closure of a church building does not stop the rivers of living water from flowing out of your belly. It resides in our inner man.

This is quite commendable of the pastor as it shows that Pastors too can be wrong and are not necessarily all in all. They can err and have wrong views too and as such they must not see themselves totally immune to making mistakes.

This also should change the minds of religious fanatics who see whatever their pastors say as all in all and should not be questioned.

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