Opening Statements ongoing in House Impeachment Hearing

Opening statements ongoing in House impeachment hearing to the United States’ President Donald Trump, here are little statements in the ingoing house impeachment hearing.

According to Mr. Nadler;

President Trump took extraordinary unprecedented steps to struck the investigation including ignoring subpoena ordering the creation of false Witnesses that is now this Administration level of obstruction is without precedent as how to quote fight all of the subpoena son quote as President Trump promised in the 1970 introduce dozens of recordings a 1998 President Trump my contrast has refused to produce a single document and directed every witness not to testify impeachment inquiry is moved back to the house Judiciary Committee and as we begin a review of these facts presidents pattern of behavior Trump welcome far an interference in the 2016 election demanded it for the 2020 election in both cases you did everything it is power to prevent about is Panda July 24th employed us to see the nature of the threat to our country quote over the course of my career I have seen a number of challenges to our democracy the Russians effort to interfere in our elections is among the most serious this deserves the attention knowing that morning President Trump call the Ukrainian present at the very next presidents political opponent to determine whether this pattern of behavior when is important to place President founding about Country House of Representatives has impeached only two presidents a third was on his way to impeachment when he resigned rodent to impeach to presidents from struggling frustrating I congressional investigation categories there is president for recommending impeachment here but never before in the history of the Republic Gears of soliciting personal political favors from a foreign government never before I said president in that included all of us that most concerned the framers up not fearful men they for the war they witnessed terrible violence who’s amen to frame are constitution those Patriots still send directions suppose to turn Liberty not war is a foreign or me with you invade we would see that and the early years of their public a ask us each of well to be constantly awake since history experience prove that fart influences is one of the most painful phones of Republican government elections happen the danger of far it influence specific and more Dyer in the Federalist Papers I’m won’t be almost Shelly attend quote raise RV Union insured the founders series 2 Target are elections that we will find out selves in what how are we no if the president Trump has betrayed his country in this manner for petty he wrote December cotton private at the principles of Liberty when such a Liberty to take every opportunity of embarrassing the general it made just be suspected that is object eBay switch three find out sells today was said in motion I do not wish this moment on the country it is not a pleasant I really taking an old to protect the Constitution and the facts before us are clear really sick to benefit from foreign interference an hour elections send directions to Agents to make clear that this is why he personal political game it does not matter the President Trump guy it matters is it that he enlisted a foreign government to intervene in our elections in the first place it

The constitution to that it is true that President Trump has committed an impeachable offence or multiple a Pichu impeachable offences then we must move swiftly to do a duty and charge him accordingly I thank the Witnesses for being here today and I recognise the ranking member many traditional instrument.



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