Once again Nigerians blast NCDC over miscalculation of daily COVID-19 confirmed cases in Nigeria (Screenshot)

A Twitter user has used @d_r TweetHQ handle to expose the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) to its latest two live updates in Nigeria.

Twitter wrote on Twitter: “On the nineteenth of May, they said that 6401 cases totaled 208 new cases in 20, so all 6401 + 288 should be equal to what? Pa NCDC Days is not crying for us. These numbers are fixed and don’t add x. ”

It has been noted that NCDC has incorrectly calculated and produced what does not add up.

It has aroused suspicion among other Twitter users, saying that NCDC is only releasing these numbers.

So far, the Nigeria Center for Disease Control has not updated the numbers or mentioned anything about the wrong figures they offered last night.

The correct number should be 6689 if 284 standard cases are added to 6401 cases as shown in the photo above.


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