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NRC suspends Abuja to Kaduna railway service over Gunmen attacked



Gunmen attack Abuja to Kaduna train as several reportedly wounded

The Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has temporarily suspended its train operations between the country’s capital Abuja and the northern city Kaduna due to “unforeseen circumstances” following an attack by gunmen on a train along the route on Monday night.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, train operations along the Abuja-Kaduna route have been temporarily suspended,” said the NRC in a statement on Tuesday. “Further communication would be given in due course,” it added.

According to reports by local media, a Kaduna-bound train with over 900 passengers on board was attacked on Monday night by gunmen, who blew up the rail track, forcing the train to derail around Rijana, a village on the rail corridor in the Kaduna state.

Samuel Aruwan, the commissioner of internal security and home affairs in Kaduna, said in a statement on Tuesday that security forces have been sent and secured the train immediately after the attack, and the evacuation of passengers trapped in the train has been concluded by Tuesday morning.

The passengers who sustained injuries have also been moved to hospitals for treatment, said Aruwan, without giving further details.

Security forces continued to comb the general area for additional search and rescue efforts, he added.


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