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Nollywood Actress Rachel Bakam Last Words Before She Dies At Hospital



Nollywood Actress Rachel Bakam Last Words Before She Dies At Hospital

Nollywood actress Rachel Bakam posted on her Facebook page on April 5 not knowing that will be her last words as she reportedly died of anaemia at hospital.

Rachel posted on her Facebook page on Monday, April 5′ 2021 wished everyone a happy Easter not knowing that will be her last post on her Facebook page.

“Haaaaaaaaappy Easter Sweetheart. Here’s wishing you all the gifts that where begat with the death and rising of Christ

I care


Armstrong Bakam, brother of the deceased, said she died of anaemia at 12 pm on Tuesday.

He added that the mother of one had fallen ill and was admitted to a hospital where she would return after a relapse.

“She had anaemia; so, she was taken to the hospital on Friday and she died this afternoon at about 12 pm. I was not with her when she died, but her mother was by her side,” he said.

“Before Friday, she fell ill and was admitted for some days but she was discharged and taken home. However, she was returned to the hospital on Friday.

“Right now, her mother is not in the right frame of mind to speak. Rachel was 38 years old when she died; she would have clocked 39 on September 11. She had a son.”

Armstrong noted that the family was in shock over the news of her demise because Rachel had reached out to them for prayers by herself via the family group chat on Sunday. He said this gave the impression she was recovering.

“We will really miss her because her death is a shocking and devastating news to the family. In fact, the whole family is actually troubled and quite a number of people are yet to believe that it is actually true,” he added.

“Quite a number of people felt she was recuperating but the news of her death is a huge shock. She was actually my niece because her father was my first cousin. She was always smiling and she was down to earth.”

Bakam hailed from Fadia Tudun Wada in Zangon Kataf LGA in Kaduna state.

Prior to her death, she was the CEO and managing director of Rayzeds Media Ltd, founder and president of the Nigerian Water Ski And Wakeboard Federation (NWWF).


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