Nigerians react as Bobrisky storm his father birthday on male native attires

Nigerians has allegedly reacted as Bobrisky storm his father birthday on male native attires yesterday, which causes stir on social media.

There is this news making round about the Nigerian male Barbie and a cross dresser Bobrisky. Recall that the Cross dresser celebrated his father’s birthday yesterday in a grand style. A birthday he announced to his fans and followers across his social media platforms. Bobrisky updated photos and videos showing the big event as it unfolded yesterday.

From what we saw on videos and photos, it was worth it and his father must be very proud of him. Just few hours ago, there is this news making round in the internet. According to the report that the male Barbie graced his father’s birthday dresses as a man. From the photos below, he was seen dressed in a black long men gown with a red cap.

@Sugarbutterjay “It is obvious that his father is not accepting of who he is. I think he really wanted to be there so when he was given the ultimatum of either coming as a man or not coming at all, he chose the latter. You have no idea what people like him go through here in Nigeria.

@Jeremiah_Alli “Bobrisky realized her daddy doesn’t tolerate nonsense and can only remember giving birth to a he.

@VictorIsrael “Bobrisky went to his father’s birthday party dressed as a man. Oga already knows African homes are no respecter of Range Rover Velar because if he appeared there as a lady, he must join the women to cook, wash plates and serve food. Desperate time calls for desperate measures.”

@Mohmice “Bobrisky has little respect left for his family, he went there as a Bob and left risky in the house.”

@Oruh_LD “That shows he still has some respect for HOME.Idris at home, Bobrisky on IG. He’s sly like that!

@Emkay Earlier, we were unable to differentiate between Naira Marley and Babatunde Fashola. We are also still not sure of the personal pronoun to use for Bobrisky, bloggers are just as confused as their captions “him, her, his dad” Now we have to deal with Adeherself and Adehimself plot.


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