Nigerians insist that Funke Akindele must go to jail despite being apologises to FG (Video)

Nigerians has allegedly insisted that Funke Akindele the CEO and founder of Jenifa’s diary must go to jail despite been apologised  to FG on Twitter.

Funke Akindele and her husband JJC, Naira Marley and others defied Federal Government and Lagos State Government law of social distance to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Dettol Nigeria has taken to twitter to clear the air that Funke Akindele is not a brand ambassador of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC.

“The NCDC partnered with Dettol on a public service message to educate our communities about preventive measures against COVID-19. Funke is not a brand ambassador of the NCDC.”

“I hear you all and I acknowledge all your honest feedback.

I also thank you for your concerns, well wishes and calls.
I am sorry and hope this video offers some explanation.

Please stay safe. And God bless. @lagosstategovt”

Here are some of the reactions gathered by Global News Nigeria on twitter.

@DettolNigeria: We have been made aware through social media that Funke Akindele recently, acting in her personal capacity, had a celebration which is against the caution to the public on social distancing during the covid-19 pandemic.

“The NCDC partnered with Dettol on a public service message to educate our communities about preventive measures against COVID-19. Funke is not a brand ambassador of the NCDC.”

“As a responsible organization and brand Dettol does not condone any breach of the guidelines on Covid-19. As an organization we are concerned at the turn of events.”

We will continue to support NCDC and the Nigerian govt to fight COVID-19″

“Means they have not made up their minds but once @NCDCgov take a position definitely it will affect Dettol. If Dettol want its relationship to continue with NCDC it will have to review its relationship with Funke.”

“Funke Akindele got arrested, lost her ambassadorial role, NCDC pulled her off, Dettol have also removed her, she will face the penalty of either 1 month jail term or N100k fine. All for a party she could have celebrated lowkey and still remain at peace. Action has consequences.”

“NCDC and Dettol are quick to deny having anything to do with Funke Akindele.

Other people in attendance at the party are all on the run.

Lesson? When you mess up, you bear your name by yourself. You are on your own.”

“Funke Akindele will appear in court today for violating social distancing directive caused by #COVID19, her husband JJC is on the run showing his running skills.”

“The Police has arrested Funke Akindele.

I know nothing of note will happen but it will send out a huge warning to other covidiots like her and of course their supporters.”

“Police Arrested Funke Akindele, NCDC Striped her off the Ambassador title.

Sydney Talker out there living his best life 🤝 if you won’t say it, I will!!! You had so much energy to bring Funke to book but where was it during Sydney’s case??”

“Funke Akindele was stripped of her ambassadorship title, got arrested by the police all for a birthday she could have lowkey celebrated with her family in peace. She won’t forget this in a long time. It could have turned out different, we should all learn from this💔”

“Funke Akindele has been arrested. I really do feel for her because she could be made an example by the new regulations; the Lagos Infection Diseases Regulations 2020. One month jail term or N100k. I hope she gets the community service end instead, without a record.”

“Funke Akindele & husband have been charged to court for flouting the Lagos lockdown. I support this.

But Dangote Refinery is even guitier than the Akindeles. Thousands of its labourers are still working at Ibeju-Lekki.

One resident just asked me: don’t our lives matter too?”

NCDC has removed Funke Akindele Bello’s Video Message On COVID-19 From It Website. 🙏


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