Nigerians allegedly react as president Buhari finally address the nation on end SARS protest

BREAKING: President to address the nation by 7pm

Nigerians have reacted allegedly as president Muhammadu Buhari finally address the nation on end SARS protest this afternoon.

Nigerian youths all over the world have joined hand in hands to fight for justice and yo avenge the killing of innocent citizens of Nigerian by the SARS operative.

Here is the full statement of President Muhammadu Buhari

“The disbanding of SARS is only the first step in our commitment to extensive police reforms in order to ensure that the primary duty of the police and other law enforcement agencies remains the protection of lives and livelihood of our people.”

Reactions of Nigerians on Twitter gathered by the Global News Nigeria

“Thank you, Mister President. You are the best president Nigerians could ever have. All Nigerians love you, Sir.”

“Thank you Mr president for this word of assurance. This is an indication of your commitment towards listening to the cries of the masses. We hope this protest has come to end and sanity will restored back.”

“This is the spirit of liberty.”

“Every Nigerian must be accountable. Let us all play our own roles in building a new and better Nigeria for our children. The blame game is over! We will demand accountability from every Nigerian. God bless Nigeria!”

“We don’t want reform or repackaging just EndSarz and take the Sarz officer to fight boko harm that’s all”

“May God bless the doctor that perform this surgery,He(@MBuhari) has finally heard us.”

“We don’t want recorded messages. Speak to us live. Hold a press conference and let the youth ask you questions directly.

Let us know we have a leader, not a puppet #SARSMUSTEND #SarsMustGo”

“Speak to Nigerians! Address the nation! Give an executive order to endSARS. Set up an investigative panel to deal with atrocities and mayhem unleased on innocent Nigerians by SARS. Review the welfare packages/Salary for the police. We are tired of words. We need action!”

“The Police barely do their jobs, corruption has eaten so deep into the system. Majority engage in criminal acts & neglet their jobs, do the needful cos this isn’t the first time such speech was made, reform the Police, Nigerians need to see action.”

“Thank God I thought u were gonna say something abt erica and kidd..sometimes u get small sence always use it well”

“No, Mr President, the bad eggs in the police are not few. We can’t keep repeating these lines every time. The entirety of the police reeks of filth.

Majority of the officers are inherently BAD.

This is the fact.”

“All you ifb gang are part of the problems. We are in the middle of getting our voices heard and you retards are here saying ifb. May SARS visit all of you.”

“We are waiting for the second step & a live address to the nation.
SARS are still oppressing people in Lagos.
Look into Ogbomosho killings
In fact come out and address Nigerians live not on TV.
Nigerians are angry at everyone now. APC or PDP. Anger at every1 who failed the system”

“You see, I don’t know who runs this paper but there is a parallel problem in Nigeria. Journalism!!!!

How on earth are the names of those who were risking their lives not on the front pages?
Where are them Aisha, Macaroni, Obo, Starboy, Doctor, and the many unnamed others.”

“Hope this helps, Enough is Enough, we can’t live with this injustice for the next three years, it is time to voice out.”

“Must he be reading his speech everytime?????? Can’t this man just speak from this head and address us like we mean something??”

“Uncle, we want a live press conference, questions will be asked and you’ll respond. Not a glory Osei thread, we’ve been there before, interact with the people you’re leading ma’am.

“You go end sars abi make we continue protest? Soro soke werey”

“I really find it hard to understand why folks are doing ifb.
Priority and Interest of these folks ain’t geared towards better Nigeria, I think”

“You dey cap nonsense baba president
All this thing na ment talk
We want the first and overall step is to end it # ENDSARS oooooo”

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