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Nigerian man slumps and dies after son’s DNA test result



Nigerian man slumps and dies after son's DNA test result

A Twitter post shared by a supposed friend narrated how the abroad-based man caught his wife cheating on the social video making app, Snapchat then returned to Nigeria and conducted a paternity test on his son, and slumped to his death when he discovered the results revealed he is not the boy’s biological father.

More so, a Facebook user, Jane Omeni Eberechukwu shared the sad story disclosed that the incident happened after the man discovered his wife cheating on him with a younger man through Snapchat video and went for a DNA test.

She wrote: “A Young man has slumped and dies after reading the result of a DNA test that showed the boy he thought was his son all the while did not belong to him. This was after he caught the wife cheating on him with a younger man through Snapchat video.”

However, in reacting to the mixed situation a Twitter user commented that if it were him he will accept the son and move on.

“No matter the result of the DNA, the child is mine. Any child born under my roof is my child, biological connection alone doesn’t qualify me as the father. In my place iko anaghi ekute nwa (the woman doesn’t own a child). If I married u and u get pregnant outside, the child is mine.”


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