#NEPA: Nepa calls off Strike – PHCN Finally bring Light

Nepa calls off Strike, PHCN Finally bring Light. Nepa strike is now over as PHCN calls off the strike which started on 11th December 2019.#NEPA

The suspended action was confirmed by the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC). #NEPA

The dispute between the federal government and the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) is now suspended.

According to the Nations Newspapers, NUEE has called on its members across the nation to resume work and bring back electricity to Nigerians.

The call-off is coming few hours after the Nigerian house of reps members intervened in the blackout caused by the strike.

The cause of the strike is due to the November 7 petition which the Union said is a thing of pain to them.

NUEE on November 7 petitioned the Ministry of Power, the distribution companies (DISCOs), and generation companies (GENCOs) over unpaid pensions of 2,000 disengaged staff of the defunct Power Holding Company (PHCN) since 2013.

NUEE gave the Nigerian federal government 21 days ultimatum to look into the issues. The deadline was on the 11th of December which the strike began.

Mr. Okechukwu said, “the Union should be prevailed upon to back down on their threat while the leadership finds a lasting solution.

If the strike is allowed to take place, the consequence will be more than what the workers are being owed.”

Chris Ngige; and the Director-General of Pension Commission, Aisha Dahir Umar, was invited by the house of leadership for proper negotiations concerning the strike.

Nepa has been trending on Twitter since the strike began. Many have taken to Twitter to pour out their mind about the blackouts caused by the Nepa strike.

The blackout has caused many people to start thinking of an alternative means to generate electricity.

The Nation newspapers recently dropped a tweet via their official Twitter handle notifying Nigerians of the suspension of the ongoing strike by Nepa officials.



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