My Wife stored my Fathers number as Baby – Newly married Man seeks help

My wife stored my fathers number as baby -Newly married man seeks help

Indeed we live in strange times,James is troubled that his wife who he got married to two months ago stored his father’s number with my baby.

I met my wife as an intern at my father’s company last year. When she was posted to my father’s office for job placement, I was the one who handled her interview and I found out she was not abreast with the issues which she was supposed to be conversant with. That was how I cancelled her appointment.

About a week later my father called me and instructed me to employ her that she has a special interest and was a good friend to his bosom friend.

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That was our she was granted internship placement with our company.

Somehow we had a relationship between ourselves and that was how we got married two months ago.

Now I just discovered my wife stored my father’s number with MY BABY.

I am confused and I decided to scrutinize through the claims that my father was a friend to her father and I have discovered it is false.

Please what would make a woman store the father in-law’s number with MY BABY?


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