My Step Father Used To Molest Me Even After He Was Reported Because Mama Didn’t Believe Me

A South African girl Bongie Diamond has cried out for help after her step father used to molested her even after he was reported but her mother didn’t believe that how can he do such to her only daughter.

Daughter cried out after several time of being molested by her own father, but when she reported the case to her mother, she couldn’t believe her and said to her how can a good man would do such to her only daughter.

“My step father used to molest me even after he was reported because mama didn’t believe gore her good man would do such to her only daughter 🚮🚮🚮 I get triggered easily every time a rape victim is not believed because it takes a lot of courage to talk about rape 💔”

But according to her whenever she thinks about it, it takes her a lot courage and time to let go.

Is a shame for a daughter to fall as a victim of rape to her own father, such father should have been sentenced to death for committing such atrocity.


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