Meet Dorathy the housemates with a huge fans

Dorathy BBNaija housemate that has been making a lot of fans already, the contestants are open to win huge sum of N85M ground prize
Yeah so like we all know the big brother Naija season 5, 2020 has just started today being Sunday 19th July.

I would be introducing a few house mates to you,along side with Dorathy,the new housemates who just entered the big brother house on her first night.

Dorathy already have alot of fans from all social media platforms in less than 24 hours already .

Why do people like Dorathy?

You do not need to get confused at all ,I know many people would be wondering why would they just like Dorathy without even getting to know her,or getting to see what her character looks like.

Well Dorathy is loved by the general public at first sight because she is beautiful and very endowed.

Dorathy has her fans at her finger tips,she is attractive and is currently on everyone’s lips.

Second housemate who is causing a little confusion is Lucy.

Lucy is loved and admired Because she is very much beautiful,she is pretty and looks quiet.

How far would this two go?

How much drama would they give to us?

Drop your comments below

Meanwhile see pictures of some housemates and their ages.

See you next time with BBN gist 😋💚👍


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