Lockdown: Chad’s President, Idriss Deby Makes Food Available For The Chadians As They Fight COVI-19 ( Full Text Speech)

Chad’s president Idriss Deby has taken the necessary measures to make provision for food to the Chadians during lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Idriss Deby Full Text Speech

I received the members of the Watch and Health Security Unit. We have evaluated the various measures recommended to combat Covid-19. Similarly, we have studied the necessity and the urgency of socio-economic measures dictated by the evolution of the situation.

My dear compatriots, on March 24, I called on you to take more responsibility by respecting the hygienic measures to face the Covid-19. Today, I reiterate this essential prevention message by asking you to be extra vigilant.

The health crisis which is coupled with an economic crisis affects us deeply. This is why it is the responsibility of the State to provide adequate support and efficient support to our populations and our economic players.

I have decided to take a series of concrete and realistic measures to assist the populations. In connection with the food emergency, 25 billion CFA francs will be mobilized in order to strengthen the stocks of the National Food Security Office.

In the vein of social measures, the State will take charge of all the water consumption billed by the STE or the management committees throughout the territory for six months from April 1, 2020.

The State will take over the electricity bills of the national energy company for domestic uses of the social bracket for three months. I note that prepayment subscribers are affected by this highly social measure.

As part of the social measures, the Government must complete, as soon as possible, the establishment of the Youth Entrepreneurship Fund in agreement with Chadian banks for an amount of 30 billion of our francs.

In terms of support for our economic players, the Government has been instructed to implement a whole series of measures. Reduce by 50% the contribution for the business tax and the general withholding tax for all taxable persons during the year 2020.

As an economic measure, we note the suspension of all ad hoc tax audits and all general accounting audits for three months, starting in April 2020.

The looming health crisis calls for bold action in the public health system. In addition to the equipment, I decided to immediately recruit 1,638 health workers whose files were pending before the Civil Service

In accordance with the contingency plan, special allowances will be granted to nursing staff mobilized in the management of the crisis. I take this opportunity to congratulate myself on the dynamism shown by health workers.

Without going into the technical details, I note that all the projects and actions envisaged as part of the health response and socio-economic support induce significant costs in the amount of 943 billion of our francs.

My dear compatriots, the particular geographical position of our country has placed us at the heart of several sources of instability and insecurity. I congratulate our valiant soldiers who protect, at the cost of their lives, Chad and the Chadians.

My dear compatriots, the commitment to any test must be our golden rule to better meet the challenges facing us and our Nation. We all need to invest to ward off the coronavirus pandemic. God bless our beautiful country. Long live Chad.


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