Lady narrates how a little mistake ruins her two year relationship

Lady narrates how a little mistake ruins her two year relationship

A Nigerian lady has narrated how she mistakenly lost her two years relationship with her fiance after interfered on his family issues.

I (Chioma) met my fiance (Seyi) during NYSC. We were both serving and I had just left my ex-boyfriend because of genotype issues. My fiance and I began a relationship after our service year (that was in December 2018).

He proposed to me in June 2019 and took me to his people. They all accepted me.

In that same 2019, his elder sister borrowed about N650,000 from him and promised to pay back this year March because my fiancé had planned to do our marriage rites early this year. But Coronavirus ruined our plans and delayed the whole thing, so he shifted everything to October/November.

Today, things have taken a new turn. I heard my fiance’s sister was encouraging him to buy her a push-to-start car and it’s not like she has paid the money she borrowed him. It also doesn’t look like she intends to pay back.

I got pissed when I heard it and hurled abusive words at her, I said things like, ‘she doesn’t want me to marry him because I’m smarter than him and can see through all her shenanigans. Also that she’s using him to live her life.

My fiance found out, got angry and broke up with me. I thought it was a joke because I gave him about 5 days before I reached out to him to apologise but he stood his ground that things are over between us, although my pictures are still on his social media platforms.

Please help me what can I do now…..

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