Jealous Husband Beat Up A Man Who Hugs His Wife In The Public (Video)

Men are genders to not play some silly jokes with as they take actions which might have negative impact easily.

Some men cannot stand other guys getting too cosy with their wife especially when they are the jealous type.

In a video that is gradually going viral on twitter social media platform, a jealous husband was seen beating and dragging a man for hugging his wife too tight.

the short clip, the husband wasn’t happy with the way the man was hugging his wife and grabbing her. He ignored the first time they hugged for some seconds but the man came back for a second hug which angered the husband to the woman. He didn’t waste time to beat him up and throw him out.


Twitter handle @__Faves who posted the video captioned it “God will not allow us hug someone that has a mad partner”.

Nigerians reacted to the video expressing their thoughts on it. See some of the reactions to the viral video below.

What are your thoughts about this ?. Would you allow a man hug your wife this way and not do anything ?. Kindly leave a comment on the comment section below and let us know your thoughts about this. Please don’t forget to share and follow us by clicking the follow button above on the top right corner of your phone screen to follow us for more entertainment updates and celebrity gists.


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