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Imo state illegal bunkering site fire outbreak is a good lesson to Nigerians Youths



BREAKING: Several feared dead in a fire outbreak in Rivers illegal bunkering site


The tragic burning of over 100 youths in Imo state is really sad, and has continued to make waves on social media since the report emerged. The ugly incident, which reportedly took place within the Ohaji-Egbema local government area of the state, was said to have been caused by the activities of an oil bunkering syndicate.

The recent burning of over 100 youths This is not the first time that oil bunkering has gone wrong in Imo state, leading to the loss of lives and properties. It should be recalled that a couple of months ago, youths clashed with soldiers in the Izombe area of Oguta local government.

The clash, which led to the loss of a soldier, was followed by an invasion of the community by the military, and the consequential killings and burning down of houses by soldiers. Away from Imo, fire outbreaks at the sites of oil bunkering or illegal oil refineries have also claimed several lives in the South-south region.

In view of the activities of oil bunkering syndicates in Nigeria, one can boldly say that while the burning of over 100 youths in Imo is sad, it is equally a bitter lesson for many others who are into oil bunkering, or nursing the idea of joining the illegal business, irrespective of where the person comes from or intends to carry out such activities.

The Imo incident should be an eye-opener to everyone that the dangers that are inherent in illegal oil bunkering or refinery activities outweigh the monetary gain you aim to make from such activities. Today, the over 100 youths that were burnt to death in Imo could not even live to enjoy whatever it is that they planned to gain from such activities.

Those youths may not have lived to learn from experience, but their story should be a bitter lesson to others, particularly those members of the gang who managed to survive. Oil bunkering is not a business, but a death trap. As such, Nigerian youths must learn from the burning of over 100 youths in Imo and desist from such acts.



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