Imagine what is this for, scientist cannot be compare with God

Science have been helping the world for decades now, but the fact still remains clearly, our creator is the greatest, nobody can compete with this fact.

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, is a professor in the Salk Institute’s Gene Expression Laboratory, he thought the concept of using a host embryo to grow organs seemed straightforward enough. However, it took Belmonte and more than 40 collaborators four years to figure out how to make a human-animal breed.

According to Juan, In ancient civilizations, chimeras were associated with God, and our ancestors thought the chimeric form can guard humans. In a sense, that’s what the team hopes human-animal hybrids will one day do.

What is a Chimera? In genetics a Chimera is an organism or tissue that contains two different sets of DNA, most often originating from the fusion of many different zygotes or fertilized eggs.

Nothing can be associated to God, but the Chimera was a creation from God, scientist trying to recreate it looks like they are unsatisfied with what God created, but its still technology and advancement, the world must go digital.

This biomedical advancement has long been a dream and for scientists hoping to address a critical shortage of donor organs.

The scientist stated that, in every ten minutes, a person is added to the waiting list for organ transplants, And every day, about 22 people on that list die without the organ they needed been archived. They now thought that, rather than relying on a generous donor, growing a custom organ inside an animal will be an advanced way of reducing death rate of human donors.

These advancement caused the creation of the human pig hybrid. See photos below.

We could also remember the story of scientists planning for a head transplant, Dr. Sergio Canavero, who is said to dubbed Dr. Frankenstein, and following his ways to recreate humans, he is the doctor that carried out the head transplant successfully.

Dr. Frankenstein was the fictional scientist known for working on his creation, learning science and also claiming to be studying the ways of God.

He Creates superhumans creature and bring it to life and thus create a world freed from disease. He succeeded but failed, and later killed the the creature which he termed a monster.


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