I’m too hot to work after i spent £75k on plastic surgery – Lady reveals

The woman, who has fascinated Barbie dolls all her life, spent more than £75,000 looking like the real thing and saying she was “very exciting to work herself”.

Barbara Luna Cibus, from Budapest, Hungary, claims she was forced to leave her job as a teenager because men were only interested in one thing.

The 22-year-old says her fascination with dolls began at an early age, and her ex-husband has now sabotaged thousands on the same ‘dolls’.

She said: “I always wanted to look like a fictional character or a human doll.

My memory as a child, I play with Barbie dolls and started ‘dolls’ at the age of seventeen.

Given her short period in the world of work, Barbara says that the men she worked with s€xually harassed her, and therefore had no choice but to leave.

She said: “At the age of fifteen I started working as an assistant in real estate, but all my bosses and even clients tried to have s*x with me, even though I never acted or wore in the Bimbo costume, my aura and the charisma that drove men crazy.

Barbara says she has always been fascinated by Barbie dolls.

I realized that this kind of work was not right for me because I live in a society where many attractive women do not have many options to keep their jobs or to get a higher position without giving men s*x. – which I did not want”, she said.


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