House Judiciary Committee’s First Impeachment Hearing

President Donald Trump impeachment hearing, as Boris Johnson talk tough in the ongoing House Judiciary committee’s first impeachment hearing.

Public conversations that was seen in the pot this is something different I miss was clearly established coming if we understood from White House officials that President Trump understood that there was an election coming understood sensitivity of the conservative party umbrellas John said that. Cut negatively pipe for his Johnson’s chances be conservative parties chances in the election because it was being used weapon nice against him by the labor party so I think we see the concession a fit to avoid those scenarios and avoid that image me home.

Number from the office of management and budget now that’s not an office what inquiry because the you saw and the testimony multiple official said it was when they did back over the summer now the present was asked what purpose does his Budget office and administration.

Here’s our responded to sounds like something is not so complicate so will the presidents who he doesn’t think it’s a big deal that we did Giuliani made those calls but not explaining why he did the comments he had there were some pretty not the very nice words about the prime minister of Canada.

This is the first time to present is responded to that video that service overnight that appear to show the Canadian prime minister the French for those extended question and answer session he had yesterday totaling to responded to nor the French and Canadian offices the president did respond that he said he believes that the Canadian and French has more task at hand.



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