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Hosa Okunbo’s ex-wife, widow fights during burial rites



Hosa Okunbo’s ex-wife, widow fights during burial rites

The seeming united front being projected by the family of the late Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo may be a farce after all, going by the latest antics being displayed by a prominent member of the family.

The late businessman’s wife, Nosa, approached an Edo High Court sitting in Benin City, seeking a restraining order against late Okunbo’s ex-wife, Edamwen Evelyn Asemota, to stop her from parading herself as his widow and from doing anything that will disrupt the week-long burial rites of the late business mogul, which began on October 6, 2021 and ended on October 10. This restraining order is pending the determination of the Motion on Notice on October 21.

The trial judge, Hon. Justice V.O.A Oviawe, who issued the interim injunction, gave the orders, following an ex parte application filed by the Claimant/Applicant, Mrs Nosa Igiehon Okunbo, in a suit numbered B/887/2021.

For many who don’t know or can’t recall, Captain Hosa and Evelyn used to be married many years ago and she it was who bore him his older children, one of who is Ivie Okunbo, the Olori Atuwatse III who is married to the current Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse lll. Both the late Hosa and Evelyn were the quintessential couple while they were married, with the late mogul being smitten by her while she remained the loyal and dutiful wife.

This was until their centre could no longer hold and both got divorced. Now in her 60s, Evelyn who felt the need to address herself as a widow for the simple reason that she was at some point married to the man of her youth, who is the bone of contention, and began life with him when he barely had anything to his name, was stopped by her ex-husband’s wife, from parading herself as such all through the burial rites of the late Captain. One wonders what her older children thought of Nosa’s actions.

Ironically, Nosa who instituted the suit against Evelyn was at some point allegedly estranged from the late Okunbo until he decided to make peace with her when he realised that his time on earth was almost up. Okunbo, who was an investor, philanthropist, and trained commercial pilot, died of cancer in August at a London hospital. He was aged 63.



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