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Hoodlums beats Zazoo Portable, damage his Range Rover SUV and Toyota car (Video)



Hoodlums beats Zazoo Portable, damage his Range Rover SUV and Toyota car (Video)

Fast-rising Nigerian Singer, Portable Omolalomi reportedly beaten and his SUV and car damaged while fighting with hoodlums on his birthday.

See video of the incident here!

The popular singer of Zazoo Zeh, Portable Omolalomi is back in the headlines again because of an unpleasant incident. Viral videos online confirm that hoodlums damaged Zazoo Portable’s Toyota car and Range Rover SUV on his birthday. It was reported that he somehow got into a violent fight with some Area boys a few days ago. The fight later resulted in the hoodlums destroying both of Portable’s vehicles at the scene of the incident.

Zazoo Zehh Crooner, Portable’s vehicles were recently destroyed on his birthday after he fought with Area boys

Photo Source: GossipMillTV

According to some unconfirmed sources, this violent fight ensued on Zazoo Portable’s birthday after he refused to give “free” money to area boys. A video that captured the fight shows Portable holding a log of wood in his hand while his T-shirt is unbuttoned. Similarly, some of the boys could be seen throwing blows at each other as people try to settle the fight.

Below is a video that captured the violent fight and shows Portable’s damaged vehicles.

Many people online have been giving different speculations about what caused the fight between Zazoo Portable and Area boys. Some even claim that he has gone missing since this huge fight. However, the fast-rising Singer released a series of videos yesterday in which he explained what really happened.

Portable claimed that the Area boys were actually loyalists of his former boss. He went on to lament over his two vehicles that were destroyed during the fight by the so-called loyalists. In fact, Portable even went as far as revealing that his ex-boss is threatening his life by giving him a 7-days ultimatum to live. The Singer has however replied by also threatening to cause bigger trouble if his former record label boss doesn’t stop the violence.


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