Ghanaian Actress breaks silence after completely [email protected] with her son on his 7th birthday (video)

Rosemond Alade Brown, the Ghanaian actress and vixen who got the social media buzzing today by posing [email protected] with her son on his 7th birthday has come out to defend herself.

The Global News Nigeria reports that in one of her recent posts on Instagram Mrs. Rosemond Alade Brown also known on social media as Akuapem Poloo apologized for any stress the image might have caused her fans.

She explained that she was only trying to send an artistic message, especially to Children, never to forget the one who caused their birth.

Am an artist and anything I post is to send a message,” she said.

“Whatever I posted to is an artistic expression…I can’t do porn with my son”.

“Am so sorry if I hurt anyone with my post. I don’t have any bad intention…I was just trying to send a message.

Watch the video below:

Well, I’m not the right person to judge anyone, but going [email protected] in front of a child is actually not the best way to send a good message. It is in fact causing more harm than good to the little one.


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