Flood: Lekki is not safe when it rains (photos)

Lekki is never safe when it rains, see flooding do to phase 1 today. With this, I think the value of lands and properties in Lekki should reduce.

Of what joy is buying a property worth hundreds of million naira and you can not live in peace inside it when it’s raining.

This flooding has destroyed a lot of multi million naira cars, house furniture and electronics.

Lagos state alone is generating money more than the entire South East combined, the entire South south combined and the northern parts of the country.

They should invest greatly Lekki and sure they find a better and lasting solution to this flooding.

More importantly, Lagos state should respect the ocean and stop sand filling it to create more space for more buildings. The ocean will fight back and create space for itself elsewhere. In the history of man, nobody has ever won a battle against nature.

See photos


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