Final date of school resumption: All Primary, Secondary and Tertiary school students should note this

It is no longer news that students at all levels i.e nursery, primary, secondary as well as tertiary institutions have been clamouring to know the exact date that schools would be re-opened so that they can do back to their classes.

Most of these students are tired and frustrated after spending close to four months at home now with no sure date on when they would resume exactly. However, it is important to know that the Federal Government is maping out different ways so as to enable students return back to their classes soon enough.

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According to the Federal Government, schools can only re-open when it is safe to do so, but due to the daily rising of confirmed coronavirus cases, the government does not think it is safe to re-open schools now.

The Federal Government had to rescind its initial plans to re-open schools for graduating students such as primary 6, JSS 3 & SS 3 students because it was still unsafe to do so.

The Federal Government believe that the health of Nigerian students is more important than writing examinations and this is why the government prefers that students lose a whole academic year than to expose them to the coronavirus which is still very much around.

However, students are already growing impatient at home and want to resume back to school soon as most of them have been idle at home since the closure of schools began almost four months ago.

Some of them queried why markets, churches, mosques and even airports can be re-opened while schools remain shut. To them, they see no reason why schools should not re-open even when the ban on inter state travel has been lifted. Nevertheless, the government at the central wants it to be safe for schools to re-open before students would be allowed back to their respective classes.

As things stand now, all primary, secondary as well as tertiary institutions should take note of these concerning school resumption:

1. Federal Government does not plan to re-open schools if coronavirus cases keeps rising in the country.

2. All students should obey laid-down protocols such as regular hand washing, social distancing, appropriate use of face masks e.t.c so as to limit the cases of the virus so that they can resume on time

3. Students are advised to continue reading their books as no new date of resumption has been announced by the Federal Government yet.

4. The most recent news about school resumption is that the Federal Government has suspended earlier plans to re-open schools as well stopped graduating SS3 students from writing WAEC

5. Only the Federal Government has the power to declare schools open and as at the time of writing this article, no exact date has been set yet.

May the spirit of God be with every student during this period of staying at home


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