FG set to declares fresh lockdown for the following states

It’s well known that President Muhammadu Buhari earlier announced the closure of the country’s economy and many other sectors due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

Eventually after some agitation from stakeholders from different sectors, President Muhammadu Buhari considered the gradual easing of lockdown and then approved the first and second phase of the gradual easing of lockdown.

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Ever since President Muhammadu Buhari approved the first and second phase of the gradual relaxation of lockdown that spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria has become worst. The lockdown that was eased is not in any way helping to reduce the spread of coronavirus rather it’s aiding the increase.

Till date, Nigeria now has over 31,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and over 700 deaths, yet the deadly disease still keep multiplying.

In my opinion, All the 36 states in Nigeria should go on total lockdown as from Monday 13th of July 2020 until coronavirus disappears. This will help to curtail the further spread of coronavirus in Nigeria.

However, Coronavirus cases are becoming worst everyday and there’s no cure in Nigeria for the disease, the only way to help reduce the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria is imposing a nationwide lockdown.

The picture below contains the States with coronavirus pandemic an number of confirmed cases

What’s your opinion on this? Should the government impose a nationwide lockdown or it should be on those states with high cases.


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